Watch as Police Officers Rescue Baby Ducks From a Storm Drain

Police officers’duty to serve and protect isn’t just limited to humans, as they are required to be on disposal to all living beings out there. Police officers from Placer County Sheriff’s Office are well aware of this and didn’t hesitate to assist when a family of ducks needed their help as this recent viral video shows.

While patrolling the streets of Auburn, several deputies were met by a concerned citizen who reported that he saw baby ducks fall into a storm drain. The officers immediately responded to the call and headed to the Education Street to inspect the situation.

Upon arriving at the scene, deputies acted instantly removing the storm drain and beginning the rescue mission. The four adorable ducklings were then reunited with their mother, and the joyful family of duckies was free to continue their journey.

The video of the rescue was shared on the official Facebook page of Placer County Sheriff’s Office, and quickly captured the attention of social media users, reaching more than 120,000 views in just two days. You can check it out below.