Watch Dolphins and Fishermen in Brazil Working Together to Catch Fish

Fishermen and sea creatures are enemies by default, but things in Laguna, Brazil are a bit different. In this coastal area, the fishermen and dolphins have developed a close bond and they work together to catch mullet fish.

Their collaboration starts with bottlenose dolphins chasing the mullets towards the shore where fishers wait with nets in their hands. Since they can’t see the fish for themselves, fishermen watch the dolphins who give them a cue by slapping their heads or tails against the water to let them know when to cast the net. This breaks the fish shoals and makes the individual fishes an easy catch for the dolphins.

This intriguing alliance was first recorded in the 1980s, but it is believed that the origins of the relationship between dolphins and fishers go even further back.

You can see how this collaboration between fishermen and dolphins looks like and learn more about the story in the videos below.