Watch Golden Retriever Mistake Tree Branch for Stick in This Hilarious Viral Video

We all like to think that our dogs are super smart. And why wouldn’t we? They can do tricks, find ways to communicate their feelings, solve complex problems, and much more. However, sometimes they can prove us wrong in the most hilarious ways possible.

One dog owner from Dorset, United Kingdom, recently shared a video that shows his Golden Retriever playing fetch during a walk in nature. Of course, there would be nothing strange about it if the adorable dog didn’t start the game by himself and failed miserably at it.

The clip, which has since gone viral across social media, shows a golden retriever named Trey mistaking a tree branch for a stick. Then, thinking he needed to fetch it, he went for it even though the branch was hovering over a river.  

The dog managed to get the branch but he soon discovered that it might not have been the smartest thing. Not only was he soaking wet, but he also couldn’t get it to the shore and be instead swim on the spot. The poor Trey continued trying while his owner continued laughing.

Check out this awesome video below and maybe show it to your dogs so they wouldn’t make the same mistake.