Watch How a Grizzly Bear Wakes Up After a Long Winter Sleep

A grizzly bear named Boo, a resident of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, Canada recently finished his four-month winter sleep, and his caregiver Nicole Gangnon was lucky enough to capture this event on camera.

Gangnon posted a video that shows Boo waking up from his hibernation and poking his head out of the snow. The bear then emerges out of the snow and pauses, trying to shake off the sleepiness.  The clip quickly caught the attention of internet users and went viral in recent days. 

It appears that Boo didn’t need much time to get himself together, as Gangnon recently gave an update to her social media followers, sharing a photo of the bear comfortably soaking up the sun. 

According to Gangnon, the next step is introducing a variety of food to the bear so he could get accustomed to his usual diet. Boo will first eat lettuce and carrots before being given protein and yams. Several weeks from now, he will start enjoying all the food he likes the most.