Watch How an Egg Becomes a Frog in This Amazing Timelapse Video

Most of us are familiar with the way frogs come into this world. The frog mom lays eggs, which then hatch and bring baby frogs to the world. But what happens in between, and how does this entire process look? Well, you can find that out if you check out the video posted by YouTube channel NatureNorth.

Doug Collicutt, who runs the channel and prepares the content, decided to try and raise some Wood Frogs back in 2013. He got some frog eggs from a local pond and then placed them in an indoor aquarium, which allowed him to record the entire process.

The video shows that the eggs hatch after just a couple of days, with tadpoles coming out into the world. In the following days, the tadpoles increase in size while their internal organs develop.

After a month, the tadpoles start getting legs and resemble a frog more each day. Seven weeks after they have hatched from the eggs, tadpoles finish their transformation and become living and breathing baby frogs.

Check out this amazing video below.