Watch How Orangutan Creates an Umbrella Hat to Stay Dry During Rain

We already know that orangutans can be pretty smart. They are capable of learning how to use tools and improvise. One recent video from Smithsonian Chanel’s YouTube channel shows a great example of this. 

The Smithsonian Chanel uploaded a clip from their TV series Orangutan Jungle School: Return to the Wild, which shows the orangutan’s behavior during the rain. As soon as drops started pouring from the sky, most of them started looking for shelter.

However, an orangutan named Jasmine decided to take things into her own hands. She grabbed a bunch of leaves and made an umbrella hat for herself.

As it turns out, Jasmine spent significant time in the wild and was forced to think of ways to stay dry when there was no shelter around. So she learned how to make umbrella hats, and continued doing so even when there were more efficient options available.

Another curious thing was that other orangutans quickly started copying Jasmine, and tried to craft umbrella hats of their own.

Check out this amusing and entertaining clip below.