Watch How Wolves Communicate With Each Other Without Making a Sound

Photo by Yannick Menard on Unsplash

Wolves are known as vocal animals, using a range of sounds to communicate with their pack. However, they are also able to get across their messages with body language and eye contact and watching it unfold is really impressive.

A team of scientists was recently doing research in Austria in order to find out more about the “silent communication” among wolves. As part of the research, they decided to devise an experiment.

The researchers installed a puzzle in an enclosure with two wolves, male and female. In order to solve the puzzle and get meat cubes, wolves needed to work together and pull two ends of a rope together. If they would pull just one end of the rope, they would unwind it and miss out on the reward.

The female wolf got to the puzzle first and figured out how it worked. She then went on to get the male wolf and showed him what to do. They ended up successfully solving it and got their reward without making a single sound.

“Of course, there is some kind of communication, but it’s not like ‘let’s do something together’,” Friederike Range of Wolf Science Center in Vienna, Austria, explained. “ … It could be just about coordinating. They understand that they need their partner, that the partner has to be there. They’ve learned that.”   

Check out this amazing video, taken from the documentary Animal Conversations, below.