Watch Puppy Adorably Battle a Cat to Reclaim His Bed

For some reason, siblings love to fight with each other over the pettiest and meaningless things which usually leads to lots of funny and comic scenes. It turns out that this isn’t the case just with humans, but also with pets that live in the same household as this recent viral video shows.

Rumble Viral posted a hilarious video in which a French bulldog tries to reclaim his bed from a cat. The puppy, named Pixie, went to take a nap in his bed but was unpleasantly surprised when he discovered that his feline sibling Czika was chilling in it.

Pixie tried to ask nicely for Czika to move, but the cat was having none of it and decided to stay put. The pupper started to move the bed around the house, hoping that the cat would cave and give up. Czika, however, didn’t intend to give up without a fight.

Check out the video below to see whether Pixie managed to reclaim his bed or Czika won the battle.