Weirdolini is Celebrating the Understated Beauty of Moths & Insects

Most people struggle to see the beauty in moths and insects, but there’s something truly magical about them. The young tattoo artist Weirdolini sees them for what they truly are, and she’s using her platform to inspire other people to fall in love with these incredible creatures.

Lini is a young designer and tattoo apprentice from Germany, who enjoys working on drawings inspired by nature. She often posts photos of her tattoos on social media, but many of her posts also celebrate her for her other favorite hobby—entomology. Lini is a huge fan of insects, especially butterflies and moths, and they often make their way into her photos.

Moths significantly shaped the way Lini lives her life, and she has a separate room for them, where her cats aren’t allowed. She also has a lot of special equipment to ensure her moths are living their best life.

“I have several rearing cages in different sizes. I keep my cocoons/pupae in different cages and once they have enclosed and unfolded their wings I transfer them to a different one, so they won’t disturb freshly hatched moths. I also let them fly free in my room a lot of time” she explains, while also adding it’s not recommended to leave them unsupervised.