What do Cats do When We Aren’t Watching Them?

Cats are the most adorable creatures in the world and they’re the funniest pets you could ever have. They love to cuddle, play with all sorts of things, but they’re also very curious and they love trying new things.

Despite the fact that we adore our feline friends, we must admit that they’re mischievous little creatures who always get into some kind of trouble. Cats can make your house a mess, steal your food from the table, or simply bring a dead mouse to your doorstep.

In spite of all this, we can’t help but love them. For all cat owners that sometimes feel overwhelmed with their cat’s behavior, the Instagram account cat_shaming offers a space for them to expose their naughty pets.

This Instagram page is filled with hilarious photos of cats in their daily adventures. All cat owners will definitely understand the struggles that these people are going through.

Take a look.