What You Need to Know Before Getting a Pet Snake

3 things to know before getting a snake.
Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

Snakes—you either love them or hate them. While they’re not as popular as dogs or cats, many people have snakes as pets. They happen to be much easier to care for than most pets, as long as you know how to care for them. If you’re thinking of getting a snake, here’s what you should know before bringing one home.

They Need Certain Temperatures and Humidity Levels

Snakes’ body temperatures adjust to their environmental temperatures and they need a hot, basking zone in their tanks to regulate their body temperatures. They’ll need a cooler zone in the 70s and a basking zone in the 90s. They also need ultraviolet light to help them get vitamin D and absorb calcium from their food. If the environment isn’t humid enough, they won’t shed their skin.

Snakes Can Grow Long

While young snakes may start off small, they can grow several feet long and several inches in width. Some large species even way over 100 pounds when fully grown. Snakes need a large tank so they can fully stretch out. Before you buy a snake, research the species so you have an idea of how big it will get.

Snakes Eat Rodents

Be prepared to feed your snake dead, frozen rodents or freshly killed ones. Keep in mind that some snakes are picky and they may only eat one type of meat.