What’s the Difference Between Claws and Nails?

Below is a TED-Ed lesson that will teach you the difference between claws and nails. Have you ever thought about why humans have nails while animals have claws? 

The video script was written by Matthew Borths and the animation was done by the talented Nabil Buris. Narrator Addison Anderson tells us all about the difference between claws and nails, explaining that some animals have evolved to have nails while others still have claws. Basically, he tells us that they are both formed of hardened keratin and that they have a unique purpose for every animal species.

“Consider the claw. Frequently found on animals around the world, it’s one of nature’s most versatile tools. Bears use claws for digging as well as defense. An eagle’s needle-like talons can pierce the skulls of their prey. Even the ancestors of primates used to wield these impressive appendages, until their claws evolved into nails. So what caused this adaptation? Matthew Borths investigates,” the video description reads.

Click play below and discover more about the difference between nails and claws.