When’s a Good Time to Get a Second Dog?

If you feel like your dog is lonely, you may consider getting it a buddy. Deciding to get a second dog is not a small decision and there are things you should think about before you give in to the cuteness of a new puppy.

Your First Dog

Most of the time, your original pet will enjoy the new company. However, this may not happen as quickly as you hope for, and you can usually tell by watching it react to other animals. If you have a chance, have another dog over at your home before you make a decision because that will help you see the reaction of your existing dog to a new pet on its territory.


Having a dog can get expensive, but you already know that. Are you really ready to pay double vet bills, grooming fees, dog walking fees, etc.? Put everything on paper before you make a final decision.

Introduce Them

If you’re sure about bringing a new dog into your home, it’s a good idea to first have your dogs meet in a neutral place. You can even bring your dog to the shelter and let it choose a friendly dog for you to take home!