Why Some Dogs Bark a Lot

Barking is a way of communication for dogs, but some bark a lot more than the others. Why do some dogs start barking for every little thing and don’t stop until they are exhausted?

Some species naturally bark more than the others because they were bred to do so. Hunting dogs, for example, need to bark so they can communicate with their owners. But many dogs bark even though there’s no obvious reason for it.

In fact, most dogs bark when they want to communicate with humans because humans don’t respond to more subtle ways of communication dogs use with each other. Dogs will often learn that humans respond to barking subconsciously and start using it when they want to tell them something.

Some dogs are used to getting positive reinforcement for their behavior when they bark, while others know they should calm down if they want something from their owners – it’s all about the way they were trained and it’s a behavior that can be changed.