Wild Animal Sketches Done By Artist Alison Nicholls

Artist Alison Nicholls carries the love for Africa in her hearth which passion can be seen in her art. Watercolor paintings of African landscapes and sketches of wild animals are just some of the things she depicts. She explains that her sketches require confidence and speed.

“Decisions about light and composition must be made quickly, as the person or animal I am sketching may move away at any time. In this respected field sketching is a life drawing class in the purest sense of the phrase,” the artist wrote on her personal website and added that she doesn’t have an easel or chair because she is always on the run.

Her Sketching Expeditions, which are usually interesting and fun, allow her to meet new and interesting people, bring her, even more, closer to the wildlife and raises awareness and funds for various African conservation organizations.

“I support African conservation organizations by making a donation from the sale of every original painting, original field sketch, and limited edition reproduction,” Nicholls explained.

To see her wild animals, check out the gallery below and follow her on Instagram for more.