Wild Red Fox Keeps Returning To Hear Colorado Musician Performing

Image via YouTube/Andy Thorn—ThornHub

Musician Andy Thorn recently saw his banjo practice turn into a unique show for the local wildlife. While playing outside his home in the mountain region of Boulder, Colorado, Thorn was joined by a curious wild red fox who wanted a free show.

Thorn recorded the entire thing and posted it on his YouTube channel. The clip shows the red fox carefully listening to Thorn’s music before taking a walk to stretch her legs. However, as soon as Thorn stopped playing, the fox returned to her seat and demanded an encore.

As it turns out, this wasn’t the first time that the music-loving red fox enjoyed one of Thorn’s performances. Thorn, who is part of the American jam band Leftover Salmon, also shared a video of the same fox stopping by while he was singing Sweet’s 1974’s hit “Fox on The Run.”

Thorn also enjoyed the visits from his new fan and even became inspired to write several songs in honor of the red fox. This led him to release a brand new album titled Fox Songs and Other Tales from the Pandemic.

“The fox provided constant feedback. Sometimes he was kind of a snob. He would’ve preferred for all the songs to be about him,” Thorn revealed in a chat with Americana UK.