Wildlife Center Has a Genius Way of Comforting Orphan Baby Waterfowls

It is always amazing to see people going the extra length to take care of the animals in need. Just take a look at the staffers from the animal welfare organization Raven Ridge Wildlife Center from Washington Boro, Pennsylvania, who came up with a genius way of comforting orphan baby waterfowls.

In a recent post shared on their Facebook page, Raven Ridge showcased how they use feather duster as a comforting tool. As it turns out, the feather duster helps give orphan baby birds a “sense of security” because it reminds them of their mother’s feathers.

“The feather duster mimics their mother’s feathers and, placed in a warm incubator, allows the ducklings to nuzzle and snuggle under the feathers, providing them with a sense of security,” Raven Ridge wrote in the post while attaching several photos of their feather duster in action.

The most recent orphan birds to receive the feather duster treatment were two Common Merganser ducklings who were found wandering in the nearby town of Lancaster. According to the post, the feather duster had a great effect on the ducklings, making them calmer.

“We are always experimenting with new ideas, keeping the best interests of our patients in mind,” Raven Ridge added.