Wildlife Sanctuary Delights the Internet With “5-Star Coconut Nests” for Wrens

Wildlife sanctuaries make a great effort to accommodate animals in need in every way they can. A British wildlife sanctuary, Wildlife Aid, recently delighted the internet with a post on Facebook in which they showcased new “5-star coconut nests” for wrens.

Wrens nest in hollows and cavities, preferring for their eggs to have an appropriate shelter. In order to recreate this type of environment for young wrens and avoid stressing them, Wildlife Aid decided to create artificial nests that were covered with coconut shells with a hole on top for feeding.

“When stress, alone, can be fatal for a garden bird, we have to come up with some quite inventive ways to mimic their natural environments and behaviors, as much as possible, in order to keep them stress-free,” Wildlife Aid explained on Facebook.

According to Wildlife Aid, the new coconut nests have been created on a trial basis and have been a success so far. 

“So far, they seem to be pleased with their new accommodation and, just as they would in the wild, they’re only popping out for a bite to eat,” the wildlife sanctuary added while attaching an adorable photo of a young wren emerging from its coconut nest to have a bite to eat.