Woman Bonds With Neighbor’s Donkey, Ends Up Adopting It

Donkeys and humans can be great friends. One woman learned this best after she developed a special bond with her neighbor’s donkey and ended up adopting it.

TikToker Shelbi Hahn recently shared a heartwarming video on social media in which she told a story about her relationship with a donkey named Jenny. According to Hahn, she met Jenny shortly after moving with her husband to Virginia.

Hahn and Jenny became quite close over time, with Hahn appreciating the donkey’s company while she was dealing with several tragedies in her life.

“Us girls had been through a lot these past two years,” Hahn shared in the video.

Recently, Jenny also experienced tough times of her own, losing her pasture mate and one of her owners. Seeing how close the donkey was to Hahn, Jenny’s remaining owner proposed that TikToker adopts Jenny. And Hahn immediately said yes.

Now, Jenny is getting accustomed to her new home and is happy to be closer to her best friend.

“She gives daily hugs to me whenever I kneel down to talk with her, and she continues to bray when she sees me,” Hahn revealed in a chat with The Dodo.

Hahn recently also shared a short update on Jenny on TikTok and hinted that this is only the beginning of their social media adventures.