Woman Establishes Sanctuary to Give Senior Dogs a Proper Home

Some dogs are fortunate enough to have loving owners who care for them even as they grow older. But many dogs are not so lucky when they reach senior age. Instead, they are left on their own and often spend their final days depending on the kindness of strangers. One of those kind strangers is Valerie Reid, who established a sanctuary that provides a proper home to elderly dogs.

Reid’s Whispering Willows Senior Sanctuary takes care of senior dogs that have been abandoned by their owners or whose owners have passed away. The place gives dogs food, a roof over their heads, a big backyard to play in, and provides a regular medical checkup by a team of veterinarians. This allows them to spend their twilight years with a smile on their face.

“They just get to be here and get to be home,” Reid explained in a recent chat with Daily Paws.

According to Reid, she got the idea for the sanctuary after her father’s death. Her mom couldn’t take care of their dog Stanley due to poor health while she reached the city’s limits for pets. They eventually managed to find a foster home for Stanley, but this got Reid thinking about all the dogs that are not so lucky.

After some time, Reid and her family bought a home with a big surrounding land in Missouri and obtained a shelter permit. They focused on helping just elderly dogs as they are less likely to be adopted if they end up in other types of rescue facilities. Since then, they have provided a home to more than 800 dogs and intend to do so for many more in the future.

“Love never dies. Losing them can be hard, but then there is always another senior death that needs our help just as badly,” Reid shared with My Modern Met. “We pour our grief and love into the next soul, making it truly a mission of love.”