Woman Goes Viral After Sharing Heartwarming Tattoos of Her Dog

Losing your pet is one of the most heartbreaking feelings in the world, but one woman on TikTok found a great way to honor her late pup. She went viral on this social media platform after sharing the meaning behind tattoos that serve as a tribute to her late Pitbull Storm.

The woman named Anna, who goes by @garabage.bird on TikTok, received over 30 million views and over five million likes since sharing her viral video. It didn’t take long for this short clip to make the rounds on other social media platforms, as well, but how did it become such a huge hit?

The video opens with Anna showcasing two small line tattoos on her ears with arrows pointing in different directions, with a caption that reads, “Why did you get those lines tattooed on your ears? And why don’t the ears match?”

As the video progresses, it skips to the photo of her late pup Storm, saying “Because hers didn’t match.” Anna states that a part of Storm is with her forever, even though she’s gone, after losing a tough fight with cancer.

Her video warmed the heart of many and was described as beautiful, sad, and sweet at the same time. If you’ve recently lost a pet, you’ll certainly relate to Anna and find some comfort in her touching clip during this difficult time.

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