Woman Helps Robin Make a Nest on the Drain Pipe of Her House

Some people don’t like it when birds nest around and in their homes. On the other hand, X (former Twitter) user Elaine Buckner not only recently welcomed a bird who wanted to build a nest on her house, but also decided to help it.

In a thread shared on X, which got one million views and 54K likes, Buckner shared a story about a robin who tried to build a nest on the drain pipe of her home. The bird struggled with its project, because the nesting material kept falling off.

 This prompted Buckner to intervene and attach a fry basket to the drain pipe so the nesting material would remain in place.

Buckner later shared several follow up photos showing robin bringing nesting material to the basket and the nest being completed. She also added that she won’t share any fries with the robin but that the bird can expect sunflowers and suet.

Other Twitter users were quick to praise Buckner’s actions.

“I just know that robin feels like she’s living in luxury right now and bragging to all the other birds about her indestructible nest,” one user tweeted.

“You beautiful human being!” another added.