Woman Makes Chicken Diapers and They are Selling Like Crazy

Image by @Pampered Poultry / Facebook

Julie Baker founded Pampered Poultry after discovering the need for chicken diapers. More and more people are keeping chickens in their backyard and get fresh eggs in return. And since people tend to love the animals that hang around their house, many chicken owners let their chicks inside from time to time. That’s when they need the diapers the most.


“We started about 10 years ago,” Julie explains the beginnings of her business. “It was borne out of necessity as my daughter was always bringing her chickens in the house. We never imagined the product would resonate with so many backyard chicken keepers around the world.”

“Our customers range from hard core indoor chicken keepers, to those caring for sick or injured birds, to the social media crowd who just love interacting with their birds and sharing with friends and family on the internet. You might not think it, but chickens have fascinating and complex personalities,” she added.

What a cute idea, isn’t it?