Woman Witnesses a Kitten Being Rescued from a Rain Gutter, Decides to Take Her Home

TikTok user Kara Tiller recently went for a walk around her neighborhood when she saw an unusual scene: a mother and daughter were bent over a rain gutter and looking inside. It turned out that they heard a kitten inside and that the feline had been there for days.

Tiller decided to call a fire department to ask for help, and the firefighters quickly arrived at the scene. However, the rescue mission proved to be a lot more challenging than expected.

“We tried food, YouTube videos of cat sounds — the cat was completely stuck,” Tiller shared in a video posted on TikTok that documented the rescue attempt.

With conventional techniques proving to be fruitless after several hours, the firefighters decided to flush the kitten with the firehose and finally managed to get a hold of her.

After watching the clip, a lot of TikTok users wondered what had happened with the kitten. The next day, Tiller shared a follow-up video and revealed that she decided to take the feline home and name her Juniper.

Several days later, Tiller posted another video that shows Juniper resting in her lap and playing with a toy. The perfect ending to a rescue story if you ask us.


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