You Can Now Include Adorable Farm Animals In Your Video Calls

Due to coronavirus pandemic, most people are forced to communicate via video calls. And while they get the job done, they can also get a bit boring. Well, The Sweet Farm, an animal sanctuary from California, offers a solution for that.

The Sweet Farm recently introduced a Goat 2 Meeting program in which they offer you a chance to spend some virtual time with farm animals like goats and lamas. They enable you to include animals into your conference calls and boost the morale of your workers or simply enjoy a virtual tour around the farm.

The individuals and companies are required to contribute a donation to the sanctuary for the Goat 2 Meeting, but schools and nonprofits can spend time with animals for free.

The Sweet Farm will join your video call, introduce you to animals, and let you enjoy their company for a while. The staff will also happily answer any questions you may have about their sanctuary or animals.

“I think we’re all a little stressed with what’s going on — many of us have been sitting inside,” The Sweet Farm co-founder Anna Sweet told Business Insider in a recent chat. “We’re just hoping to bring some smiles to people’s faces while bringing them out to the farm at the same time.”

Here are some Sweet Farm adorable animals you can meet thanks to Goat 2 Meeting.