You Have to See Blake Gore’s Tiny Fish Drawings

Blake Gore describes himself as “a drawer of tiny stuff”, and his miniature drawings have to be seen to be believed. Many of them are inspired by flora and fauna, and he won us over with his tiny drawings of fish that will take you under the sea.

Gore has no formal art training, and he was working as an instructor and adviser at Vanderbilt University when he started drawing. He was looking for a creative outlet, and he decided to start working on his signature tiny drawings after seeing a miniature drawing prompt on social media.

Gore decided to focus on miniatures because they demonstrate how constraints can enhance creativity, and they’re all hand-drawn with no magnification or eyeglasses.

“Combining endless curiosity with an eye for detail, I create miniature art using a .15mm pen nib and minimalist canvases. Often drawing inside only an inch or two, I’m inspired by the challenge of creating more with less,” he writes on his official website.

Gore enjoys exploring many different subjects, but nature is definitely his biggest source of inspiration. He impressed us with miniature drawings of many marine animals, starting with fish, ranging from the Japanese koi fish to Atlantic blue marlins.