You Need to Check Out This Adorable Traveling Duo

We’ve introduced you to adorable Hedgehog Herbee before, but did you know that he now has a friend? Herbee the hedgehog and Audree the cat are traveling the world together and taking awesome photos on their journeys to share with 1.8 million Instagram followers.

Back in 2015, the owner of these two adorable pets started the Instagram account with her first hedgehog, Mr. Pokee. Sadly, he passed away in 2019, but Herbee and Audree are doing their best to keep the memory of him alive.

“Between all the serious things happening in the world every day, Pokee and now also Herbee and Audree are here to give you a reason to be happy and smile,” Girnus wrote on her blog. “Whenever you return to our page, we want to remind you to never lose faith and always follow your heart.”

Herbee and Audree are truly inseparable friends today! Audree follows Herbee around all the time and they often play together.

Scroll down to see some of their recent photos and follow their account to stay up to date with their new adventures!