Your Pet Can Sleep in a Bed Inspired by Game of Thrones

Kate Agafonova knows that every pet owner only wants the best for their adorable fluffy friend. Our cats and dogs can’t sleep on the floor, right? That’s why Agafonova created some super interesting pet beds inspired by one of the most popular television shows ever – Game of Thrones.

These beds are shaped like the Iron Throne, but we certainly hope they’re more comfortable than the throne that was forged from thousands of swords. The Ukrainian designer made the beds from soft foam rubber and covered them with blue fabric. To get a real Westeros vibe, she decorated them with silver swords, so your pet can look like a real ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

Agafonova designed many other interesting pieces, such as Pikachu bed and a Japanese Padoga house.

Check out her Instagram account to find other designs that will definitely spoil your pet.