5 Most Adorable Owl Species

Photo by Andy Chilton on Unsplash

With their beautiful and colorful feathers, adorable faces and huge eyes, owls are just the cutest birds in the world. Most owls are nocturnal and hunt in darkness, that’s why we don’t often have a chance to see and enjoy their beauty. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of most adorable owl species. Take a look.

Long-eared owl

This species can be found in North America, Europe and Asia. Long-eared owls often use old nests of other birds like crows, ravens and magpies.

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Great gray owl

Don’t let the name fool you – great gray owls are not the largest (the heaviest) owls in the world. But with their long tails and fluffy feathers, great gray is the longest species of owls.

Barn owl

The barn owl is the most widespread owl species and is known by many common names such as white owl, silver owl, demon owl, ghost owl, death owl. It can be found in all parts of the world and you can recognize it for its beautiful heart-shaped face.

Northern pygmy owl

After some larger species of owls, here comes a tiny one called the northern pygmy owl. It’s native to western North America and is around 6 inches long. Unlike other owl species, northern pygmy owl is also active at dawn and dusk.

Striped owl

This beautiful, medium-sized owl with large ear tufts can be found in South America, and parts of Central America. This owl has shorter wings than its relatives and is a nocturnal creature, so it’s not easily seen.