Terumi Ohta Crafts Hyper-Realistic Animal Wool Sculptures

We like to see animals in all shapes and forms, even if they are just figurines or sculptures. That is especially the case when they look as realistic as Terumi Ohta’s wool sculptures.

Ohta is a talented wool artist from Japan who dedicated her entire creative practice to animals. Using wool, she manages to craft all sorts of different animals, ranging from cats and dogs to wolves and even elephants.

Each of Ohta’s sculptures looks like a real animal frozen in time. The amount of detail that is included in these works is so astonishing that viewers can’t help but wonder whether the animal will start moving at one point.

Considering the hyper-realistic nature of Ohta’s works, it isn’t surprising that some of her sculptures take months and even years to complete. For example, she recently presented a particularly impressive sculpture that features a Miniature Pinscher, which took seven years and 500 hours of works to finish. This certainly seems like a lot, but just one glance at the final result, and it is clear that it was all worth it. 

Terumi Ohta’s impressive wool sculptures have been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in her native Japan as well as France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Luckily for all animal lovers around the world, the artist also shares her works on social media. Enjoy more of them below.