Hilarious Clip Shows a Kitten Being Pushed into Water by a Cow

Cats are great farm animals. However, their confident personality and habit of acting like they own everything doesn’t always sit well with other residents of the farm. A hilarious clip recently shared on TikTok is a great example of what can happen when a cat makes an “enemy.”

The video, which got 1.4 million views in less than a week, starts with what looks like a cute bonding moment between a cat and a cow. The cat is walking on a wall, while the cow seems like it wants to know the feline a bit better.

However, at one point, the cow simply pushes the kitten off the wall and into a container filled with water. But this apparently didn’t discourage the cat at all, as she simply found a way out of the water and started parading again.

Other TikTok users were hugely amused with the clip, with some trying to guess what caused the cow to push the kitten.

“You smell, you need a wash,” one user commented.

“That was personal,” another added.

We would say that this is a teaching moment for the kitten not to mess with bigger animals, but something tells us that they will never learn.