Puppy Named Finn Has a Strange Hobby of Collecting Cans and Bottles

A pupper named Finn, who lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, with his owner Stefan, has a habit of collecting cans and bottles during his daily walks. This strange hobby not only contributes to making our planet a cleaner place but also helps him increase his toy collection.

Stefan recently shared a video on TikTok in which he detailed Finn’s unusual activity. The clip features Finn tackling random cans and bottles he sees on the street and bringing them to his owner. According to Stefan, he doesn’t know why Finn does this, but it is obvious that he loves it.

Once Finn collects enough bottles and cans, he and his owner visit the local bottle depot and exchange them for money. All the proceeds end up going towards new toys and accessories for Finn.

Finn never got any training in collecting cans and bottles. He simply has a strange fascination with them, and that fascination has been serving him well so far.

With Finn already earning himself more than enough toys for the time being, Stefan and Finn devised a new plan on how to use the money from the collected cans and bottles. They will donate it to the animal rescue, wanting to make life better for less fortunate animals. 


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