Watch a Group of Cats Take on Sheep Herding Duties

We know all about the herding capabilities of dogs. But, as it turns out, they are not the only ones that can keep farm animals in check; cats can do it as well.

Southern Nature Farm recently shared a clip on TikTok that shows a group of cats taking on sheep herding duties. The felines confidently make their way down a road while being followed by a herd of obedient sheep and goats who are not even thinking about getting out of the line.

“New Sheep leaders,” Southern Nature Farm wrote in the caption of the video.

This entertaining clip quickly spread on social media, getting 2.2 million views since being posted in late December.

“The cat overlords have organized their sheep minion army,” one TikTok user joked in the comments section.

The video above shows just how valuable cats can be to farm owners. First of all, they protect the farm from rodents, preventing damage and the spread of illnesses by exterminating them. Secondly, they are always nearby when farm owners take a breather and need some company while also getting great together with other animals. And, apparently, they can also perform tasks that we didn’t even think of.