Dog Eats $4,000 in Cash but Gets Forgiven on the Spot

Cecil, a 7-year-old goldendoodle from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, recently gave his humans a big headache. He saw a stack of $4,000 in cash on the kitchen counter and decided to eat it all. Luckily, Cecil’s feast didn’t cause him any trouble, and his owners, Clayton and Carrie Law, managed to retrieve most of the money.

Carrie shared Cecil’s story in a reel posted on social media. According to her, this was the first time that the dog had done anything wrong. He was, of course, forgiven on the spot, despite Carrie and Clayton having to dig through his vomit and poop to get the cash back.

In a chat with The Washington Post, Carrie explained that she and Clayton got the money from their savings account in order to pay for fence installation. They left it on the kitchen counter, but when they returned half an hour later, they found pieces of dollar bills and Cecil looking like he just had a big lunch.

“Cecil’s a goofy guy, and he’s very particular — you could leave a steak on the table, and he wouldn’t touch it because he’s not food motivated,” Carrie told The Washington Post. “But apparently he is money motivated.”

Eventually, after calling in the veterinarian and making sure Cecil was in no danger, the couple embarked on a quest to salvage as much money as they could. They ended with $3,550 in salvageable bills and a story of a lifetime.