You’ll Fall in Love With These Adorable Illustrations of Dressed-Up Animals

We can’t help ourselves but completely melt at every photo of a cute animal wearing clothes. It doesn’t have to be a real photo. Even the drawings and illustrations, like the ones that Phoenix-based artist Dylan creates, do the trick.

Dylan, who goes by on Instagram, creates some of the most adorable illustrations of dressed-up animals we have seen lately. The subjects of his works are usually depicted as small and fluffy but with a badass attitude that makes them even cuter.

Being dressed up isn’t the only humanlike characteristic that animals in Dylan’s illustrations have. They are also depicted standing on two legs and posing like humans.

Pop culture seems to be a great source of inspiration for Dylan when it comes to dressing up his animal characters. If you browse through his works, you will often find animals dressed up as characters from popular franchises like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. If this doesn’t wow you, then lions dressed like samurais or fancy ducks in suits and hats will definitely win you over.

Dylan has been showcasing his works on Instagram for several months now, but he already has a huge following. His works are also available as original prints on the Red Bubble market. Scroll to check out more of his dressed-up animals.