Guy Kopsombut’s Wholesome Comics Will Make You Smile

What’s better than comics? Animal comics. And when it comes to animal comics, Guy Kopsombut has the most adorable, wholesome ones that feature uplifting messages. No animal is left behind—there are crows, hedgehogs, koalas, snakes, bunnies, bears, alligators, mice, cat, dogs—pretty much every animal you can think of. If you’re in need of something fun and light, you have to check out this guy’s comics.

The Nashville artist, who goes by 4amshower on social media, has been drawing comics since high school and he drew them for his college newspaper. After watching the news years ago and finding everything depressing, Kopsombut was inspired to bring happiness to the world and he recalled that his comics used to do that. The artist decided to start drawing a comic a day in the hopes of making people smile. Recently, he’s slowed down to posting three times a week and he just published his first book, Everyday Smiles: Finding Joy In Every Moment.

Kopsombut gets inspiration from readers, observing his everyday life, and empathizing. Empathy is very much a part of his work and he wants to help people see the good in things.

“A lot of other comics end with a cynical joke, but mine always end in an upbeat note. There’s already so much negativity in the world and I don’t want to add to that. This doesn’t mean that I don’t touch on harder topics. In fact, I do my best to address major events in the world, but provide comfort in some way or another. My comics are always positive and guaranteed to help you smile,” he told Bored Panda.