Tiny Wild Owl Starts Visiting a New Zealand Man

Wild animals are just as curious about us as we are about them. Just ask Rory Foley, a Facebook user from New Zealand who recently befriended a curious owl. 

Last week, Foley posted a photo of an adorable tiny owl standing on his couch. He explained that he got acquainted with the owl, who he nicknamed Mr. Hoot, three months ago after learning the bird was living in a tree near his bedroom.

At first, Mr. Hoot would just sit on Foley’s window, and the two would “chat” occasionally. However, the tiny owl got comfortable lately and started entering the house. During one of those visits, he managed to snap a photo.

The Facebook post quickly became viral, with internet users wanting to learn more about his unusual friend. This prompted Foley to get experts to check on Mr. Hoot and he started building a house for him.

“He pops in around 11 p.m., and we chat away,” he told The Dodo. “I keep [a few feet] away from him, just so he feels safe. [I] leave a window open [and] he normally pops out by 6 a.m., back to his favorite walnut tree.”

Since sharing the original story, Foley made several updates saying that the bird is enjoying its time on the property. Mr. Hoot still comes for regular visits, and Foley is talking with experts to see how he can help the bird.