This Racoon Can Do More Than the Best Trained Dog

Unlike the usual cats and dogs that dominate pet social media, a raccoon as the star is a novelty. And one Instagram account in particular chronicles the daily adventures and mischiefs of this furry friend. Let’s look at this personality full of quirks and playful antics.

Why Raccoons Make Entertaining Internet Stars

Raccoons are known for their intelligence and curious nature, which make for engaging and often amusing content. The videos on Buri often feature him engaging in activities that are both human-like and funny. From adeptly rummaging through boxes to playing with toys in ways that only a raccoon could, the account will make you smile every time. 

The Cutest Moments 

Here’s Buri riding a scooter in the cutest yellow sundress. One push at a time, we know she’ll make it far!

Here’s another one. Buri sitting in a chair sweetly rubbing her hands together in anticipation of a snack. And then – the loudest crunch! Must be a delicious snack she got there. 

And finally, it’s time for a walk. All bundled up in her red puffy vest, Buri takes on the snowy winter weather. You have to love her cute hobel through the cold.