Curious Cat Ends Up Getting a “Job” at a Metro Station

Cats are curious creatures, and that can sometimes get them in trouble. However, for one cat named Misha, her curiosity helped her get a job at a metro station in Medellin, Columbia.

Metro de Medellin recently shared Misha’s story in a viral thread posted on X (former Twitter). According to the thread, the cat was adopted two years ago by her current owners, who live close to the Villa Sierra metro station. It wasn’t long before the cat wanted to explore her surroundings.

One day, Misha wandered to Villa Sierra, where she was spotted by the staff, who welcomed her in the best way possible, played with her a bit, and then took her back home.

“But the next day I visited the Villa Sierra station again, I just went for a while to greet them, make them smile and that’s how the days began to pass,” Metro de Medellin wrote.

Since then, Misha has been a regular at Villa Sierra. During off-hours, she hangs out with the staff, receives pampers and food, and snoozes on the cool floors. When rush hour kicks in, she provides a helping hand, controlling access to the cars and sometimes helping the operator.

Misha is also quite popular with passengers, who regularly take some time to snap a few photos of Villa Sierra’s most famous “employee.” So, if you find yourself in Medellin, make sure to take the metro to Villa Sierra and greet Misha. It will definitely be one of the highlights of your trip.