Oreo the Cat Loves Donuts So Much That He is Always First in Line At the Local Donut Shop

Chickenbutt Donuts in Chapin, South Carolina, opens its doors for customers at 6 am. More often than not, the first customer in line is usually an adorable cat named Oreo.

Chickenbutt Donuts recently shared several photos on their Facebook page showing Oreo patiently waiting in front of the door until the donut shop opens. The feline is almost pressed against the door, ensuring that no one cuts in before him and that he gets to taste the freshest donuts first.

“We open at 6am. Line starts behind this guy,“ Chickenbutt Donuts wrote in caption of the post.

It didn’t take long before Oreo became a star around the world. The post spread on social media, prompting Chickenbutt Donuts to share more about the donut-loving cat.

According to a follow-up Facebook post, Oreo is a stray cat but beloved by the community. Locals and businesses always keep some cat food nearby for him while also providing him with shelter “when the weather gets rough.”

While Oreo would most likely want to eat donuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the staff at Chickenbutt Donuts knows they are bad for him. However, sometimes, they just can’t resist giving him a bite or two.