This Dog’s Face is Priceless While She Waits for Her Human to Turn Off “Their Next 6 Alarms”

Dogs really have it all. They get the pets, the walks, and can sleep whenever they want while we work to give them the best life possible. However, sometimes not even that is enough.

A recent viral clip on Instagram shows a “spoiled princess dog” having a priceless look on her face while she waits for her human to turn off their wake-up alarms. The dog, named Minnie Penny, can be seen coming to terms with the reality that she was woken up ahead of time. The pupper’s face is a mix of shock, surprise, and utter annoyance with the situation.

“Waiting for my humans to turn off their next 6 alarms so I can go back to sleep while they work all day to provide for me,” it says in the text on the video.

Dogs usually don’t mind waking up early. They are always excited to start off their day as early as possible, wanting to seize every opportunity they have to play.

However, it appears that some puppers like Minnie Penny would rather get a good sleep and then go on with other activities. Hopefully, her owner will provide her with this sooner than later.