You Have to Watch This Video of an Anteater Unwrapping Presents

Don’t think humans are the only species that loves to get their presents nicely wrapped. Many animals enjoy them, too, and some even share our habit of being impatient and immediately tearing all the wrapping so we can see what’s inside.

North Florida Wildlife Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to wildlife conservation, recently shared a couple of amusing videos that show one of their residents, an anteater named King Bumi, unwrapping presents.

As it turns out, King Bumi enjoys receiving presents wrapped in all sorts of colorful paper. But he enjoys even more destroying the wrapping paper using all sorts of techniques.

One video shows King Bumi tackling a pile of wrapped presents and immediately going for the biggest one. The anteater is relentless, not giving up until the box is open and the wrap is in shambles.

Another video brings more of the same. King Bumi looks much less interested in the contents of the gifts and more in the complete destructions.

Social media users seemed quite fond of King Bumi’s approach to gifts.

“Excellent job king you showed those presents who’s boss,” one user commented.

“That’s the best thing we’ve ever seen,” another added.