Milo the Dog Becomes Internet Sensation with His Elaborate Hairstyles

We all have a bad hair day sometimes. But that seems to be an unknown for an adorable pupper named Milo, who became an internet sensation thanks to his elaborate hairstyles.

Milo’s owner, Jayone, likes to keep his hair in pristine condition and styles it every day in a different way. She started sharing these hairstyle sessions on TikTok a while back, and it didn’t take long before the dog became the talk of social media.

One clip, which saw Jayone give Milo “legging heatless curls,” was viewed an impressive 26 million times.

In a chat with The Dodo, Jayone explained that Milo experienced rapid hair growth when he was six months old. Instead of cutting it, she decided to style it, something that the dog really enjoyed.

This quickly became a daily routine. Milo is always patient during the hairstyle sessions, trusting Jayone that she will produce a great result. He sometimes gets so comfy that he falls asleep in the middle of it.

Jayone goes to great lengths to make sure Milo’s hair is in pristine condition. She uses dog shampoo and coconut oil as part of the dog’s grooming.

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