Beth Hoyes is Celebrating Butterflies Through the Power of Embroidery

Butterflies have been fascinating artists for centuries, and Beth Hoyes couldn’t resist their charm. The talented embroidery artist from the UK is using her special talent to capture the eternal beauty of these extraordinary creatures, using nothing but needle and thread.

Hoyes is a British embroidery artist based in Hampshire, who goes by @rabbithatdesigns on Instagram. She has a background in art therapy, and she actually became passionate about embroidery while still working towards her accreditation in this field.

Hoyes’ work is largely inspired by her love for nature, which has been a formative part of her life since a young age. She grew up in a rural area, surrounded by animals and plants, and developed a big love for all things outdoors thanks to her parents and siblings, who loved nature just as much.

Hoyes celebrates the beauty of all creatures, great and small, through her embroidery art, but she’s best known for her kaleidoscope series, inspired by butterflies.

“I’m hoping to create a connective nature experience with these and highlight how so many butterfly and insect species are vulnerable to climate change. I think by getting in touch with the beauty and amazing diversity in nature we are more inspired to protect and nurture it around us and in ourselves,” she explains on Instagram.