Pet Owner Tries to Bond with Their Cat by Taking Him to Home Depot

It’s no secret that a lot of men love visiting Home Depot, a home improvement retail chain, and browsing through endless aisles of tools, construction products, and appliances. This gave one pet owner the idea to take their male cat to Home Depot in hopes it could serve as a bonding experience.

In a recent viral shared on TikTok, a cat named Louie can be seen visiting Home Depot with their human. The feline is riding in the shopping and seems quite entertained by everything that can be found there.

“Trying to bond with my male cat, but idk what men do for fun, so I took him to Home Depot … I think it’s working,” Louie’s owner wrote in the video, which amassed 5.2 million views since being posted in late January.

The clip also included Louie’s humorous “comments” about the things he would like to buy for his projects.

Louie’s owner later shared another video of his visit to Home Depot, which features more of the cat’s amusing “commentary” about “ridiculous” prices of wood and scoffs at strangers who are giving out advice. And judging by how he enthusiastically “purred” at the tools, the bonding seemed to have been quite a success.


Replying to @Macy888 Works every time 😎🙌🏻 #catsoftiktok

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