Elsie the Yorkshire Terrier Can Hear Her Owner Having a Snack Even When Asleep

Dogs never stop to amaze us with their awesome abilities. For example, one Yorkshire terrier named Elsie can hear her owner having a snack even when she’s asleep.

A video posted on Elsie’s TikTok page shows her owner sitting on a couch and enjoying a bag of chips.

“How many seconds will it take my yorkie terrier to wake up from her nap when I’m eating snacks,” it says in the text written across the video.  

Elsie’s owner gets the answer to their question pretty fast. In less than 10 seconds, Elsie can be seen at the top of the stairs and looking towards her human. She quickly makes her way down and jumps on the couch, hoping there is a snack for her as well.

As it turns out, Elsie isn’t the only dog that can sense their owner is having a snack without them. Several other dog owners shared in the comments section that their dogs have the same ability.

“My yorkie has super hearing. She hears snacks across a four bedroom house,” one user wrote.

“I still can’t figure out how mine can hear a cheese wrapper before I even get it open. I can run the garbage disposal, and she still hears me,” another added.