U.S. Coast Guard Saves a Pregnant Dog Trapped in a Shipping Container

While performing an inspection at Port of Galveston, Texas, last week, U.S. Coast Guard officers heard the sound of barking and scratching from one of the shipping containers. When they opened the container, they discovered the sounds were coming from a dog that was trapped inside.

Since the dog spent at least a week inside the container, the U.S. Coast Guard acted swiftly to take her to the Forever Changed Animal Rescue in Pasadena. The officers also came up with a name for the dog, naming her Connie.

Once Connie arrived at Forever Changed Animal Rescue, she underwent a full checkup, considering the poor condition she had been in. This included an ultrasound test, which revealed that Connie was actually pregnant!

Luckily, her time in the shipping container didn’t seem to have consequences on her condition, but Forever Changed Animal Rescue is taking a cautious approach in order to ensure she gives birth to healthy pups.

“The fetuses have strong heartbeats and were bouncing around, so while her pregnancy is guarded due to her being without food and water for eight days or more, we are hopeful given what we could see. Connie will be residing with our veterinarian through pregnancy, and we will continue to update her and her babies,” Forever Changed Animal Rescue shared in a Facebook post.