8 Facts About Flatulence of Animals

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

A new book on the subject of animal flatulence just came out – and it’s full of fun facts we wanted to share with you. Does It Fart? The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence was published earlier this month. It was written by Nick Caruso and Dani Rabbaiotti.

Here are several facts about animals that got our attention. Have you ever wondered does a certain animal fart? Chances are your answer is in this book.

1. American cockroaches aren’t exactly loved as it is, but after knowing that they fart on your food you’ll love them even less.

2. Do giraffes fart? You bet they do.

3. Like most mammals, kangaroos fart. However, it’s not to make them jump higher.

4. When zebra farts, you can hear it even if you’re miles away!

5. Goats’ farts are so bad, that a plane full of them was forced to land once because the fire alarm went off from their farts.

6. Who has the smelliest farts out there? The award goes to sea lions.

7. And the award for the biggest farts (however that may be measured) has to go to whales.

8. You might be surprised to learn that llama’s farts aren’t actually too smelly.

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