Australian Woman Finds a Friendly Wombat Snuggled in the Blankets in Her Shed 

An Australian woman recently had a close encounter with a friendly wombat in the most unusual way. The marsupial found shelter in her shed and was using it as its home until it was busted.

The woman entered her shed one day and noticed there is some sudden movement in a pile of blankets that were resting in the corner. When she went to have a close look, she discovered a wombat snuggled in the warm pile.

She was quick to contact non-profit Wombat Rescue, but by the time they came, the wombat was already gone. Luckily, the animal later returned, giving experts a chance to take care of it.

Wombat Rescue president Yolandi Vermaak was worried that the wombat might flee again, but it was friendlier than expected.

“She wasn’t going to bolt. Not at all,” Vermaak explained on social media. “She was snug as a bug in that blue blanket and not giving it up.”

According to Vermaak, the wombat most likely entered the shed while looking for shelter due to burrowing floods. She and he colleagues treated the wombat and made sure she was healthy before returning to the wild. She also shared a video of the encounter on Instagram.