Cat Faces a Mountain Lion and Scares it Away

Cats might not be strong or big, but everything they lack in physical ability, they make up in attitude. They are known to face animals much larger and stronger than them and still end up coming out as a winner.

Instagram profile @pandemicthecat recently shared an amazing video that demonstrates how fearless cats can actually be. It shows a 13-year-old domestic feline scaring away a mountain lion.

The clip shows a mountain lion resting on someone’s front porch before turning around and getting face-to-face with a resident cat through a glass window. The wild beast carefully approaches the window, but the cat has no chill. She immediately starts hissing and attempts to go at the mountain lion.

The mountain lion tries to respond by growling and showing his fangs, but the cat isn’t impressed. She continues to let the intruder know he is not welcome and manages to scare him away with ease.

Mountain lions are solitary animals that usually like to stay out of sight and far away from humans. However, a loss of habitat and lack of food has forced them to start visiting suburbs more often. So if you want to make sure you are safe, get a cat to protect you.